The Onix Group

The ONIX Group is a corporation that focuses on developing and operating various real estate investments.  We made several videos for this client. 

  1. Longwood Video:  We made this video as a thank you to the Longwood Foundation for providing Parkview Nursing Home with a $750,000 grant to do a full cosmetic renovation.
  2. Old North Road:  This is also a video of gratitude to the Delaware Economic Development Office for a $600,000 grant to build a new road, traffic light and parking lot development.  The new road and traffic light gets has helped with safety and congestion in the mornings and the parking development includes a grocery store and gas station which has created over 100 jobs.  ACHPro wrote, shot, edited and provided voice over work for this video.
  3. Cadia Rehab Training Video:  This video is a 15-minute admissions training video for new employees at the Cadia Rehabilitation facilities, a series of rehabilitative nursing homes in the tri-state area.  We wrote, shot and edited this video.